Tips To Sterilize Your Medical Supplies

Tips To Sterilize Your Medical Supplies


If you are looking for disinfecting or sterilizing your medical supplies in Sharjah, here are some useful tips for you. These methods include steam sterilization, cobalt 60, and chemical sterilization. These methods are safe, effective, and can save lives. To keep your medical supplies as sterile as possible, be sure to check the product labels and sterilization process for details.

Disinfecting medical supplies:

Disinfecting medical supplies after use is an important part of healthcare. It helps to prevent the spread of infections by preventing the re-use of medical devices. The process of disinfecting reusable supplies includes using a special cleaning solution and following appropriate procedures. A medium-level solution should be used for reusable supplies, while a light solution is recommended for disposable ones.

Chemical sterilization:

Ethylene oxide (EtO) is a highly toxic chemical that can be dangerous to the environment and people who work around it. It is produced naturally by various sources and is also emitted by the human body during respiration. The levels of EtO in the environment vary greatly in rural, suburban, and urban areas. However, commercial sterilization facilities must adhere to strict emissions control standards and meet the EPA’s regulations to keep people safe.

Steam sterilization:

Steam sterilization is a highly effective method for sterilizing medical supplies and products. This method is critical for promoting individual health and safety, especially in healthcare facilities. Inadequately sterilized supplies and products can cause the spread of disease and pose a risk to patient safety. In addition, incorrect steam sterilization can lead to healthcare-associated infections.

A sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 is required for reusable medical supplies and equipment. This level represents the probability of one device in one million being non-sterile after steam sterilization. To test the efficacy of steam sterilization, biological indicators are used. These indicators pose an appropriate challenge to the steam sterilization process. The steam sterilization process must be able to inactivate these biological indicators to achieve sterility. For this purpose, the sterilization cycle parameters must be evaluated for each set of biological indicators.


Autoclaves are important tools for hospitals and medical facilities. They help prevent the spread of dangerous illnesses when they properly sterilize medical supplies and instruments. One out of every thirty-one hospitalized patients will suffer from a hospital-acquired infection. These illnesses can be transmitted to patients via used medical instruments, including needles.