An Overview Of Various Men’s Suits

An Overview Of Various Men's Suits

Men’s suits in Dubai have evolved over the decades. While the 1980s saw a resurgence in style, the 1990s brought the worst of the old. Single-breasted jackets were made with three or four buttons, and double-breasted jackets had up to six buttons. Not only did the jackets look out of proportion, but the pants also looked boxy and long. The 1990s also brought us the first tailored suits.

Colors schemes:

When it comes to the right colors for your men’s suit, there are several different ways to make the color scheme work for you. Experts recommend neutral colors such as black and dark blue for everyday use. Depending on your complexion, you can choose from various shades of blue to create a look that suits your personality. Besides, classic colors like black and dark blue are the best options for special occasions. The term of use for these suits can last for more than a year.


While there are many types of men’s suits, some fabrics have particular qualities and are more desirable than others. Among the different types of fabric, worsted wool is a favorite of many men because it drapes well and is breathable. However, the tight weave of worsted wool can make it appear wrinkled. On the other hand, silk is a luxury fabric and is not breathable.


There are numerous styles of men’s suits. Some have been around for hundreds of years and are still considered classics. Some have even seen the change from decades ago. During the 1930s, the wide double-breasted suit gained popularity, as did somber colors and wide-legged trousers. In addition, men started wearing rayon material in place of the traditional wool. These changes have made men’s suits more comfortable and stylish than ever.


The pockets in men’s suits come in many styles, and the size of these features can help determine their formality. Traditionally, flap pockets are the most common, but there are several variations available. These pockets have plenty of space and are functional. Jetted pockets, on the other hand, are essentially invisible and are perfect for a business suit. If you’re not sure which style you want, consult your tailor or go online for advice.