How To Design Your Children’s Bedroom

When considering children’s bed room design, it’s important to use the space you have wisely. Consider adding texture and interest to the room. Choose furniture that can double as a play area. You can also create a bunk bed that is designed with a slide and a ceiling-suspended cargo net. A well-planned kids’ room will be functional, fun, and safe. Taking advantage of all the space you have is essential for any parent.

Add texture, shape, and interest:

Paint effects are a great way to add personality to your children’s room. They are surprisingly easy to achieve and can make the room look very cool. Try a simple graphic outline or line design to create a seascape, cotton-wool clouds, or star-spangled galaxy. Creating the effect on a feature wall is a great way to create a theme and add interest to the room without taking up a whole wall. Or you can use brilliant wall stickers to create a similar effect.

Add a dollhouse wardrobe for a child to use as storage:

You can also add a dollhouse wardrobe for a child to use as storage. The facade of the dollhouse is detailed, and there’s a rail and drawers inside for hanging clothes. In the future, you can switch it out with a more grown-up dollhouse. A funky wooden skateboard can add fun color and a whimsical feeling to the room. Make sure to consider the height of the bed before decorating.

Add storage:

One way to increase the storage in your children’s bedroom is to remove the dresser and make more room in the closet. Clear plastic containers are an affordable storage option and are easy to access. Bamboo baskets can also be used for blanket storage. You can also add hooks to the walls to hang small items. Having plenty of storage in your children’s bedroom will help them feel more comfortable in their own space.

Select furniture that doubles as a place to hang out:

Choose furniture that can double as a place to hang out in your child’s bedroom. You can choose pieces with a lot of storage space, such as an ottoman that can be used for storage, a soft seat pad, or color coordinating benches. You can also add a nightstand to the room. Lastly, choose furniture that your child will enjoy touching, such as a play area.