Top 5 Task An EMS Auditor Must Fulfill

The job of an EMS auditor is essential to a company’s development. However, not everyone is aware what an auditor who undergo ISO 14001 internal auditor training exactly do and how crucial his roles in an organization.

To give you a better picture of an EMS auditor, read on and know why you might need one for your company:

  • Identify environmental risk factor in the workplace

One of the main task of an EMS auditor is to determine safety gaps in an organization. This person will be the one to conduct audits on environmental safety by applying various auditing methods and facilitating surveys and focus group discussions to determine the root of the problem. He will also back track and check the data pertaining to workplace safety and environment issues and give a detailed report along with solid recommendations how these gaps will be bridged.


  • Assess company procedures and activities that are affecting environmental safety

The job of an EMS auditor goes beyond checking the space. He also needs to take into account the organization’s activities and policies and how the system is positively or negatively affecting environmental safety and management. For instance, is taking health and safety courses in Dubai part of the activities to promote employee and environmental safety?

He will review and assess current policies and check whether there are regulation that are outdated and obsolete. He will pinpoint what sets of policies should be eliminated and replaced.


  • Help develop environmental safety policies

Once all the data is in, the EMS auditor would need to make a solid recommendations on updating the policies based on the results of his audit. This might be considered as one of the hardest part of the job as he would need to guide the policy makers and the board of member on drafting an EMS policy that fits the requirements of the organization.


  • Set targets for environmental safety performance of the organization

Apart from the policy, the EMS auditor would need to set a goal pertaining to management of work safety and environment which the organization would fulfill and achieve. He would realistic goals and KPIs and brief the team leaders on the objective of this goal.


  • Check whether policies are being implemented

Setting a goal is just one part of the job. The EMS auditor should keep an eye whether these goals are being met and determine what the hindrances are on achieving these goals and KPIs.