Weddings Cakes – Before and Now

Weddings Cakes – Before and Now

A wedding cake has been an important part of wedding events for centuries. It is an important part of the wedding celebration to have a beautiful and tasty dessert to look over when it is time for the wedding cake to be served. Traditionally, a wedding cake is usually the topmost cake serving at wedding receptions after dinner. In some areas of England, the wedding cake traditionally is served at a wedding breakfast prior to dinner; however, in other parts of England the wedding cake isn’t served until the evening following the ceremony.

Wedding Cakes Before:

In ancient England, bread was the main source of sustenance for the wedding guests; therefore, best wedding cakes in Dubai were created from what was available in breads that year. Typically, wheat was used as the foundation for the wedding cake. Most of the early cakes were fruit flavored or made with nuts. Sugar was commonly used as a sweetener in the early America wedding cake. These days, sugarless wedding cakes are becoming more popular.

For the ancient bride, a good luck charm was put onto the cake. This would give the bride and groom good luck for their married life. The wedding cake had special significance and importance in the wedding; the cake alone symbolized the couple’s togetherness and their happiness. It also symbolized their fidelity and their love for each other.

Wedding Cakes Now:

Wedding cakes delivery in Dubai may be decorated with white frosting, or it may come with other colors. Some brides prefer to have pink and white frosting on their cake, although other brides may want to have other colored frosting on their cake. A classic white wedding cake may be decorated with marzipan, fresh flowers, or any other type of fondant.

Many different countries have different traditions when it comes to wedding cakes. One tradition that does hold some merit is the French tradition of having only white wedding cakes at a wedding. In some areas of France, white frosting is added onto a cake during the serving. Other areas, such as Ireland, do not practice adding any frosting to their wedding cake. Although there are no clear rules on this, the Irish wedding cake can still be pretty and elegant.

Wedding cakes come in many different flavors. When choosing a flavor of wedding cake, it may be a good idea to look around and see what other flavors are offered. Some popular flavors include: chocolate, banana, lemon, and lemon meringue sponge cake. These delicious-tasting cakes add a lot to any wedding celebration!

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