How To Prolong The Life Of Car Tires

How To Prolong The Life Of Car Tires

One of the best ways to conserve car tire life is to drive more gently. While aggressive driving may produce faster tire wear, smooth driving gets the best mileage out of a set of tires. Instead, slow down before braking, coast, and stabilize steering inputs when taking corners. Here are some other simple tips for preserving tire life. However, if your tire is completely torn out, be sure to find the best tire supplier in UAE for your new purchase.

Tire rotation

While car tires are expensive to replace, the benefits of rotating them are many. For starters, this process spreads wear evenly over all four tires. Rotating the tires also makes them last longer. The other benefit of tire rotation is that it helps prevent premature tire replacement. Tire rotation is not possible with every type of vehicle. Nonetheless, it can significantly prolong the life of car tires.

Correct tire pressure

The correct tire pressure is critical for safety and performance. The recommended pressure depends on several factors, including the type of vehicle, tire, and intended use. Tire pressure is measured in pounds per square inch. You can find the recommended tire pressure on your car’s sidewall, or inside the owner’s manual. The right tire pressure will increase fuel efficiency, tread life, grip, and comfort.

Over- or under-inflation

Over or under-inflation of car tires will result in uneven tire wear, reducing fuel efficiency. To avoid uneven tire wear, check tire pressure at least once a month when the car tires are cold. Over-inflated tires may not accelerate or handle the car well. It’s important to follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for tire inflation. Mid-level factors can impact tire mileage more widely. The best way to avoid these is to follow proper maintenance practices.

Dry rot

If you’re not driving your car often, you can prevent dry rot by parking it inside the garage and storing it away from the elements. Additionally, avoiding the extreme temperatures outside will keep the tires in good condition. To avoid flat spots and dry rot, keep the weight of your vehicle off of the tires and drive on short trips. You should also clean your car tires regularly, ideally once a month.